How to Access Online Science Textbooks
Note: These textbooks are used as supplemental material ONLY.
Most resources will be found on Google Classroom.

Each science book we use has a different access code.  All can be accessed from the same starting website.  To access an electronic copy of any of our books, first go to the following website:

NOTE: You do not need to set up an account to access the book online. 

To access your electronic copy of Organisms: From Macro to Micro, go to the Carolina Curriculum website noted above.  Then type in the following Student Access Code in the appropriate box on the webpage:

OMM Book:  SSOMSJ1V8X16  
(Keep "Caps" locked.  It is case sensitive.) 

To locate the Properties of Matter book:

POM Book:
Use the following Student Access Code:
SSPMSO1C6X16  (Keep "Caps" locked.  It is case sensitive.) 

To locate the Catastrophic Events book:

CE book:

Use the following Student Access Code: 
SSCES2D0HX17  (Keep "Caps" locked.  It is case sensitive.) 
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