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Some tips to be successful and ready for French class with me: 
. Always clarify with me at the end of class any misunderstanding.

. You can bring your Chromebook in my class. NO cellphones are allowed in class.

. Always take risks to communicate and ask questions in French during class. 

.  You have to dedicate 20 minutes at least at home for French to study and review the lessons taught everyday so you don't forget or get overwhelmed. 

. Email me anytime your questions or concerns to keep the communication going. 

. Check my website all the time for resources and important announcements. 

Important supplies for French class:

1. Separate Binder for French (1 and a half inch)

Dividers for the binder (4 dividers for : "Ressources, Tâches/projets, Activités en classe, Devoirs) 

3. A notebook that has hole punches (to easily have it inserted in the binder) 

4. Pencil with an eraser, pen with a whiteout, an expo marker (optional stuff like highlighter or anything else is fine but not necessary)

6th grade:


Your project is due on Friday 2/9/18 at 10:00 p.m


7th grade: