The Middle School German Program

The Middle School Program

Students have the opportunity to begin learning the German language in sixth grade.  The sixth grade curriculum has been designed for students with no prior knowledge of German. 

The program is very interactive and keeps students engaged and often "up and out of their seats."  The program is very hands on and focuses on communication using the German language.  Role plays, acting, drawing, sketching, singing, and partner work all play integral parts in the German classroom.

Some of the highlights of the German Program at the middle school are:

6th Grade
Oktoberfest Celebration

Lebkuchenhaus (Gingerbread House) decorating

Mein Buch - Continuous art project all year which results in a book by the end of the year that students take home.

7th Grade
Computer Lab Multi Media Technology Presentation - "All about me" - in German of course :-)

Food Advertisement Project                

"Animal of the Week" Presentations

City Research Presentation using Technology (geography, weather, etc..)

Design your own town - this is a project in which students will design and build their own German town and present it to the class.  Students become the "architects" and build/design a typical German town.

World Cup Soccer tournament with other languages

8th Grade
Introduction to Fairy Tales and a multimedia presentation where students write their own fairy tales and present them to the class.

Film Production - Students will make their own film / video clip in German.

Overnight Trip to Washington DC - where students visit the German Heritage Museum, Swiss Embassy, and some of of the Smithsonian Museums.