Dr. McLelland-Crawley

Dr. Rebecca McLelland-Crawley, NBCT

RISM Teacher

PRISM Room 814, upstairs near the elevator

609-716-5300, x5117


Please click here to visit our classroom site on Blogger for important dates and information for the 2014-2015 school year. 

** Daily attendance for PRISM for ALL is mandatory for all students considering participation in PRISM for 2015-16. More details to follow. **

V‚Äčision Statement of PRISM Classroom:
1. PRISM students will be provided with a supportive environment.
2. Reflective practice will make perfect. 
3. Learning will be connected to an authentic product.
4. Student performance will reflect citizenship and achievement.
5. Students will embrace the competencies as modern learners. 

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PRISM is the enrichment program for middle-level students in WWP. Just as a prism refracts white light into its component wavelengths, the PRISM Program offers several different paths:

1. Future Problem Solving 
2. Scenario Writing
3. National History Day (7-8 grade only)
4. Inquiry Project 
5. ARIES - Advanced Research in Environmental Science (7th grade)
5. Maker Ambassadors

All research paths consist of authentic product creation and outside evaluators. 

PRISM is an acronym for the middle level enrichment program; it stands for Performance Reveals Individual Student Magic. Students attend PRISM during FLEX time and homework is the "ticket" into 814. Yes, HW is mandatory and motivation is key!  During critical periods the PRISM schedule may change to support those students with major deadlines. 

The PRISM Program provides high-functioning students more opportunities for research and performance in areas of personal interest. It is based on Renzulli's theories of talent development and schoolwide enrichment.Students are expected to attend every scheduled PRISM class, unless they have a music lesson or need to make up work due to an extended absence. If a student misses two or more PRISM classes, it may become necessary to revolve out of the program for the year with the option to select a different research track or re-enroll the following year. 

Students best suited for PRISM are those who want to do more; are interested in what the program has to offer; are able to meet deadlines; and already possess excellent thinking and reading/writing skills (see examples listed below). In PRISM, we operate in the higher order thinking skills arena the majority of the time.  

Thinking skills: creative, critical, logical, problem-solving, & historical
Reading/Writing skills: summarizing, clarifying, annotating, questioning, developing a thesis, defending an opinion, researching multiple sources, creating a bibliography, & interviewing experts 

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