10-15 Shot Project

KEY PRODUCTION TECHNIQUES/SKILLS BEING ASSESSED - Main principles of professional shot composition - Basic video & audio editing

A-Day           B-Day
Project Start Date:   Wed., Oct. 24th        Thr., Oct. 25th
Project Deadline       Fri., Nov. 16th          Mon., Oct. 19th  


The first important element of any TV, Video, or Film project is the visuals.  The composition of the visuals, and the artistic approach to them, are a key part of the medium.  However visuals cannot tell the story completely.  Visuals, combined with a soundtrack of music, can not only deliver a more complete message to the audience but also create & deliver a mood to the viewers.  The creation of a feeling or mood through the intermixing of visuals and sound is a basic, key component in the art of television production and filmmaking.

This project will require you to show your understanding of how important the marriage of visuals and sound can be to the delivery of your message.  You will be asked to illustrate your knowledge of the main principles of shot composition, and combine them with a musical soundtrack to leave your audience with a specific & powerful mood, feeling, or emotion.

GOAL: Produce a video using 10 to 15 professional quality composed visual shots combined with one piece of music or audio to leave the audience with a powerful mood, feeling, or emotion.


  1. To illustrate your knowledge of the main principles of professional shot composition.
  2. To experience basic video & audio editing.
  3. To show your understanding of how the blending of visuals and sound can add to the delivery of a message.

ASSESSMENT GRADING                                             


Camera Shot Composition - (20 Points) - Your individual camerawork and how you compose your shots using the principles of Shot Composition. Collaborative Team Member (20 Points) - Your collaboration, responsibility, and resourcefulness to your team.


Editing - (10 Points)

- Your teams use of audio, transitions, length of shots on screen, opening & closing shots, and order of shots will all affect the overall strength of the message.

Effective Communicator (10 Points)

- The impact of the organization, development, substance and style of your message to reach the goal of the project.