Reporting Project #1

OBJECTIVES: To write a story paying attention to good grammar, using simple words, writing with short, simple sentences, and writing in “active voice.”. To organize facts by using the “Writing Pyramid” principle of fact organization.

Project Directions & Outline:

  1. Organize into 5 or 6 student groups.
  2. Choose a topic.
  3. Decide who to interview.
  4. Develop questions for each person.
  5. Conduct interviews taking good notes. (Try to interview at least 3 people.)
  6. Organize your facts, and information (Writing Pyramid).
  7. Write story.


DAY #1 (THR., Sept. 26th) Present project and outline to students.Choose a story topic & potential interviewees, and if possible, schedule interviews.

DAY #2 (TUE., Oct. 1st) Contact interviewees, conduct interview(s), or schedule interview(s) for next class.

DAY #3 (THR., Oct. 3rd) Continue doing interviews or begin organizing notes.

DAY #4 (MON., Oct. 7th) Complete interviews, or organize facts/notes, or begin typing story.

DAY #5 (THR., Oct. 10th) Complete typing of Story.


Students will work in groups of 2, 3 or 4 to conduct interviews, acquire facts & information, and categorize facts. EACH STUDENT WILL TYPE THEIR OWN STORY.


ACTIVE VOICE  (5 Points)

Story is written in active voice with all sentences having the doer of the action first.


All word usage throughout the story is simple and in “conversational style.”


All sentences are complete sentences.  All sentences are short sentences with only a few facts in them.


All facts organized and developed in story according to the structure of the “Writing Pyramid.”   (5W’s & How first, Story Details second, and then Background or Other Info).

STORY SUGGESTIONS:    - CMS Back-To-School Nights

-  Wake Up Community “Anchor & On-Camera Talent” Auditions

-  Battle of the Books Kickoff Event

Any other event that has occurred in school so far.

(First Day of School Activity, Team Day, Team Bonding Event, etc.)