Adolescent Trends

Adolescent trends are constantly changing.  As educators and parents, it is important to stay educated on various topics, such as the latest apps, "challenges", and drug trends.

Tide Pod Challenge

Drug Trends 2017


app- Sarahah
-Free social media app that lets you receive comments from friends and strangers anonymously
-Raises major concerns for cyberbullying

app- Bark
-Helps parents monitor their children’s social media use

app- Private Photo Vault
-Users are able to store photos privately and create a “decoy” password that opens a completely different set of pictures.

app- Kik
-Users can send free texts, pics, and videos that do not show up on bill/message service

app- Snapchat
-Popular messaging app that allows teens to exchange photos, texts, videos, and calls (both audio and video) 

I-Dosing, Bath Salts, Cough Syrup, and More…


Top 10 Most Violent Video Games Released in 2016

The Choking Game

Salt and Ice Challenge