If your child will be applying to a private high school or special program and a recommendation from a teacher or counselor/administrator is needed, please follow these important guidelines. . .

  1. Allow a MINIMUM OF 3 WEEKS for a recommendation to be completed by a school counselor or teacher. Staff members often receive dozens of forms and recommendations to complete and want to be able to do a thorough and thoughtful job writing each recommendation. Forms received without adequate time to process are not guaranteed to arrive to the designated institutions by the stated deadlines.
  2. Be sure to provide WRITTEN PERMISSION for the 8th grade counselor to send academic records to the schools to which you are applying. Counselors CANNOT mail records without the signed written consent form and tracking down that signature can take time and delay your application.
  3. Students must bring the recommendation forms to their teachers and to the 8th grade counselor personally along with stamped, addressed envelopes with each request so forms and recommendations can be sent directly to the schools. Please note, the envelope for academic records requires 2 stamps.
  4. For recommendation forms that are requested electronically, students are expected to speak directly with their teachers and counselor prior to sending an email request.   
  5. Students must complete a Brag Sheet (available below or at the 8th grade counselor’s office) and give to the 8th grade counselor in order for her to write a thoughtful and thorough recommendation. 


If you have any questions pertaining to the application process, please contact your 8th grade counselor to discuss.  Best of luck!

Private School Application Process
Student Checklist
Student Brag Sheet