Computer Cycle 7

Welcome to 7th Grade Computer Cycle

During the 30 days of this cycle, students will build on the computer skills learned in sixth grade.

Document Formatting - Students will review basic text formatting and learn how to format a document including the use of margins, headers/footers, tables, lists and outlines, and images. 

Spreadsheets - Students will learn how to format and enter data into spreadsheets, enter spreadsheet formulas to perform calculations, and create graphs and charts.  

Cyberbullying - Students will discuss topics relevant to digital communication, cyberbullying, and staying safe online. 

Introduction to Computer Programming - Students will learn what is meant by computer programming and have an opportunity to try some simple programming tasks. 

Google Tools - Throughout the cycle, students will utilize various Google Tools including but not limited to Google Documents, Google Sheets, Google Drawing, Google Presentations, and Google Earth. 

Supplies and Homework
Students are not required to bring any supplies to computer cycle. We will use Google Classroom to organize assignments. Homework is generally not assigned.  However if a student is falling behind on assignments, he or she may be asked to complete an assignment at home using their school Google account. 

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