REGISTRATION-related questions
What is PRISM?

PRISM PRISM - Performance Revealing Individual Student Magic - provides opportunities for gifted and talented students to go beyond school related subjects and work. Students come to PRISM during their FLEX times. We provide a calendar each month designating what is happening each day in PRISM through the Google Classroom. Students choose if they wish to participate and which programs they wish to do.

Students do NOT take an entrance test to register for PRISM. There are many ways to get involved in one of the PRISM enrichment programs. Use this website as a starting point to gather information about each PRISM program:
  1. Future Problem Solving
  2. National History Day
  3. Scenario Writing
  4. Passion Project
  5. Maker Ambassadors (STEM-focused inquiry)

Please note: PRISM is not for everyone. It is primarily based on reading, writing, problem-solving, and researching activities.  It is not geared toward math. Students should become familiar with every page offered in this website.

Consider the following questions, carefully.
Qualified PRISM candidates will respond "YES!" to each.

You are not proving your giftedness by participating in PRISM. Many students receive plenty of enrichment appropriate for their unique gifts outside of PRISM. 

PRISM is where opportunity meets instruction.

Q #1 - Am I interested in doing more work (in school and at home)?
Q #2 - Do I have time to do more work? (Some students are already properly enriched with numerous out-of-school activities!)
Q #3 - Do I have the skills required to work independently?
Q #4 - Will I be able to meet several deadlines?
Q #5 - Am I responsible enough to check the PRISM calendars?
Q #6 - Will I feel comfortable approaching several teachers to inform them, 24 hours in advance, of the days that I have to miss their classes so that I can attend PRISM?
Q #7 - Am I capable of finishing what I start?
Q #8 - Am I willing to make suggested changes to my writing?

Did you answer YES to all Q and check through the rest of this website?

 - September -

Returning seventh and eighth grade PRISM students should listen to the daily announcements to find out when PRISM classes begin. Changes to the calendar will be broadcast via the morning announcements. Sixth graders will be introduced to the PRISM Program one team at a time in the last week of September. Listen carefully to the morning announcements for exact dates!

 - October-

Sixth graders begin PRISM activities during the first week in October. Due to the overwhelming interest in some of the PRISM programs, it may be necessary to collect two writing samples from the interested participants.  During these writing sessions, samples will be critically assessed to help students select the best track for their enrichment.

What is FPS?
FPS — Future Problem Solving — is an international organization that provides opportunities for students to work together in problem solving teams.  Students solve three problems between November and February — problems that are relevant to our world today such as global warming or care of the elderly.  But the situation that they must solve is set at least thirty years in the future, which allows students to be highly creative in finding solutions.

Our FPS teams compete (online) with about sixty teams from around NJ.  Teams that score in the top 10% on the Qualifying Problem in February  are invited to compete at the State Bowl.  Teams that place 1st or 2nd at the State Bowl are invited to compete at the International Competition. 

What is Scenario Writing?
Scenario Writing is a contest that is part of the FPS program. 

Students do not have to be on an FPS team to compete in the Scenario Writing contest. Final scenarios are due for submission to the State contest in January.

What is a Passion Project?
Students who choose to pursue a Passion Project research ANY topic OF THEIR CHOICE.  Research is only the first step.  Analysis, synthesis and evaluation are the critical thinking skills that must be applied for solid research work.

The final step is to learn how to present the research effectively at a Spring exposition.  This is NOT a competition – students’ presentations are scored according to a rubric at  the exposition.  This is true authentic assessment.

Passion Project work is all about research, intellectual problem solving, and learning  to communicate ideas effectively.

What is National History Day?

National History Day is a competition that provides opportunities for gifted students to pursue research in ANY topic, as long as that topic has some "history" to consider (usually something that happened at least forty years ago, so the impact can be analyzed over at least a generation.)

Students can compete in groups or as individuals in the areas of exhibit, performance, documentary, or website.  Individuals may also write a paper.

Students compete at the Southern Regional Competition held in March, and those who qualify are invited to compete at the state New Jersey History Day competition held the first Saturday of May.  Students who place 1st or 2nd in their category are invited to compete at the National History Day Competition held the third week of June.